Ano 2017, Volume 58, Issue 1, (pp. 1-64)

Rever o passado, olhando o futuro

Assessment of tobacco use and tobacco cessation counseling by Portuguese dentists

Ultramorphological and chemical characterization of dentin surfaces after application of two desensitizing toothpastes

Microleakage of different root canal sealers in absence of a coronal restorative material

Aesthetic analysis of the face

Damage on tooth enamel after removal of orthodontic adhesive by Arkansas-stone and tungsten carbide burs

Biomechanical study of dentists posture when using a conventional chair versus a saddle-seat chair

Changes in the decline on empathy levels of dental students in Costa Rica

Diode LASER surgery in the treatment of fibrous hyperplasia: a prospective case series study

Agradecimento aos revisores